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Let us all remain grateful for the opportunity to gather during these surely trying times. Below are a list of rules and guidelines we will be enforcing at our reunion, these are in place for everyone’s safety and protection:

1 – Touchless thermometer temperature checks will be required at arrival for all attendees.

2 – Handwashing / sanitizing stations will be present in all social gathering areas.

3 – Social distancing is strongly encouraged, please respect each other’s space at all times!

4 – Face masks / coverings are required at all times in the main gathering area unless you are standing in a “Dam Circle.” You are not required to wear masks at your own campsite. Face coverings are not required for those with a physical or mental health condition preventing the use of a mask.

5 – “Dam Circles” will be painted on the grass in the main music viewing area for you to maintain space between others while enjoying the show.

6 – There will be more than enough space for camping, please make use of it and respect each others’ space at all times.

7 – We will be sanitizing the bathrooms and public areas on a frequent schedule.

8 – Signs will be placed throughout the premises to serve as constant reminders to practice mask wearing and social distancing.

9 – If anyone is being disrespectful of these rules or guidelines we reserve the right to require them to leave at any time.

10 – If you do not agree with our rules and guidelines, please stay home!

11 – If you are sick or have been sick recently, please stay home!

12 – Read these rules again before attending the show. Safety comes first and together we can have an incredible weekend while remaining healthy!


– Trails to hike.
– A fishing and swimming friendly creek.
– Spectacular view of the nightly starscape.
– Food & craft vendors will be on site.

We do not need any more food vendors, however if you are interested in craft vending you may submit an inquiry by emailing us at austindamshow@gmail


Location: Austin Dam Memorial Park, PA-872, Austin, PA 16720

GPS Coordinates: 41.664919, -78.089109
*Some GPS apps or devices will do best if given the coordinates instead of an address.

From Route 6 in Coudersport, PA, take Route 872 south for approximately 14 miles. Turn right into the Dam Park. If you arrive in the town of Austin at the intersection of Routes 872 and 607, you went too Dam far, so turn around and go back one mile to the park entrance.



This is a historical landmark first, a music venue second. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the grounds. This is your first, last, and only warning.


You are visiting a historic landmark, a place where a great tragedy occurred a century ago. This is a place of historical significance, and we expect that you will respect it as such. Anyone who disrespects our property or our Dam will be escorted from the Dam Show … because we give a Dam about this place!

Our expectations are that you… STAY OFF THE DAM

Stay away from the paper mill ruins and KEEP OFF THE DAM!!!

Respect yourself and others. We want everyone to have a positive experience at the Dam Show. Don’t ruin it for others.

Camping is rustic. No hookups! Spots are first come, first serve. Please prepare accordingly. There are flush toilets connected to a septic tank that needs to be pumped daily. There will be porta johns as well. No showers and limited handicapped access.

Don’t be that Dam guy/girl – We all know that Dam guy/girl – the Dam guy/girl who goes overboard and ruins things for everyone. ‘Nuff said.

Bullfrog Brewery will be joining us but feel free to bring your own booze as well. Do not share with anyone underage. Alcohol is NOT permitted in glass containers. And, don’t drink so much that you become “that Dam guy/girl” (see above). No illegal substances, please.

Leave nothing but yer Dam footprints. We are a small group of volunteers who take great pride in our park. Please help us and clean up yer own Dam mess.

We reserve the right to remove you from the show at any time, for any reason, no questions asked, no Dam excuses. Of course, we probably won’t – unless you turn into “that Dam guy/girl” (see above).

If at any time you require medical attention or other help, visit the security booth. For any dire emergencies use 9-1-1 from your cellphone or the dam phone in the pavilion.


Rich Hadfield & Wes Knorr

Hosted by:
Austin Dam

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